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For the rare services that we are not equipped to perform, or the best option for the public, in the spirit of serving the consumer as well as possible, even if that means we don’t personally serve them:


For Critter Control of Raccoons and Opossums we recommend you call Allied Pest Control and ask for Billy Suggs.  He does a diligent and expert job trapping and releasing the animals humanely  910-579-9655


For Snake Control we recommend the services of Matthew Bookout of Matthew Bookouts’ Reptiles at (910) 471-1474


And lastly, if you have had a reoccurring termite swarm problem that your current company hasn’t subdued and you live in a slab house, then you should speak to a Termite Manager at Orkin Pest Control about them using their patented foaming techniques.



Do and Don’t for dealing with Pest Control Companies


Do get at least 3 quotes for termite control and pay heed to whether it guarantees for repairs or merely retreating if termites cause damage.

Don’t trust any salesman that doesn’t believe you should get multiple quotes.

Don’t use a termite company if the inspector brings out termite infested wood from the crawl space. It is against state laws to remove the wood if you don’t already have the termite account; primarily because this is how dishonest salesman falsely scare homeowners into “signing NOW!” or inhibiting a competing company from giving you an accurate report upon their inspection.

Do call your pest control company with any pest related questions and any problems that arise between services. You money doesn’t merely pay for that service but to protect your home from the applicable bugs until the next service. If you are paying a professional you shouldn’t need to buy Raid  too.

Don’t use any company that uses the term “Waterbugs” on their trucks or advertising! If you are using them, stop immediately. I understand that “Waterbug” is a cute nickname to the public, but you are paying for expertise. You want a doctor who says, “Abrasion”, not “Owwie”.  You want a mechanic who talks about your alternator and power steering not “that thingy” “the whatchamacallit”. And thus you should demand a company that uses the word Cockroach not Waterbug.  These operations are telling you they have no interest in accurately communicating with the public and no problem in profiting from your ignorance. This is your hard earned money, spend it on someone who acts like a professional!


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