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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the initial service more expensive?

A: There are several reasons why the initial pest control service is more expensive. During the first visit, I will familiarize myself with the home, the customer, the nature of the problem, and discuss my services, all of which are more time consuming. Also, at this time, the problem would be at its worse, forcing me to spend more time and supplies, and possibly having to do a return touch-up, the price of which would be included with the initial service.

Q: Do I need to have regular pest control service?

A: Not everyone needs to have regular pest control service. It will depend on how sensitive you are to seeing a few bugs in your home from time to time. Without regular service, I will merely be responding to occasional incidents, such as pantry pests, or perhaps, a mouse. With regular service, I will be preventing the problem, not just responding to the problem. With a regular pest control service, I will be familiar with your home, local pests, upcoming weather changes, and will be able to personalize my service to your particular needs.

Q: Are the chemicals dangerous to me, my children and/or my pets?

A: If mixed, handled, and applied properly, all products I use are as safe, or safer, than dozens of products found in your home, such as dish detergent, bleach, ammonia, perfume, hair spray, WD40, paint, caulk, etc. Upon request, I will supply the Material Safety Data Sheet for any and all products I use. 

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 Also, please see the next question.

Q: Can you perform pest control without chemicals because (I have asthma, I'm highly allergic, I have a newborn baby, a family member's on oxygen)?

A: Yes, in many cases. This is one of the primary reasons why I started my own pest control company. I use very little chemicals around my own home. Most insects are coaxed inside the home by general human behavior, and there are many services I can perform to minimize the problem of insects coming inside the home, without the use of chemicals. Some of these chemical-free pest control services include cleaning out gutters, mulching, trimming shrubs and trees, lighting techniques, screening and caulking, and glue boards for monitoring. Please note that if you have an infestation of fleas, German roaches, and/or Argentine ants, some chemical will have to be used to eradicate the problem. Home & Garden Pest Solutions is founded on the idea of personalized pest control based on you, your family, and your home, but the specific insects that infiltrate your home will dictate what, if any, pesticides will need to be used to best solve your pest problem.

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