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Termites and Hurricanes

Will a hurricane send your termites packing?

Last year we had so many hurricanes, we ran out of letters, and this year is looking to be a rerun of 2021 - hurricane wise. Will all that flooding destroy the termite colonies? It depends. Termites can stay alive under water for two or three days, because they will go dormant. After that, yes, they will drown. Oh, but that's only the termites under water. The ones that have climbed up, that are living in your window sills, or over the doors, those you don't have to worry about, because they will be fine. Wait! Those are the ones you have to worry about. If a hurricane drowns 100,000 termites from a colony, that's nothing when a colony could be one, two or even three million strong. The population might even grow stronger, because a hurricane will damage trees, or knock branches (or whole trees) down that will serve as "termite food". Don't count on the termites being gone, just because your house flooded.

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