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No Covid Christmas

December 26, 2020

We, in the Pest Control industry are considered Essential Workers. As such, we have continued to service our customers, albeit with more care than usual, wearing masks and gloves, and being very considerate, especially for our elderly clients. I have a large family and we all come together at Christmas, at my home. This year, of course, that couldn't happen. I could not, and would not risk putting my customers nor my employees in danger of Covid, from having a large group of people in the house, especially for an extended amount of time. My solution was to have an outdoor Christmas. We have what we call Our Tiki Bar, an open structure in the back yard, which we use for summer parties. We worried for days, with the weather reports calling for storm winds, tornadoes and even hail. In spite of that, I went ahead and decorated the room, plus and additional area in front of the room, covering as many of the tropical decorations with a Christmas theme. I bought propane heaters, electric blankets, and heat lamps to make sure the family stayed warm and cozy. I set up a separate area for each clan, so we could all be together-but-separate. Yes, we did have to make some changes due to Covid 19, but we all enjoyed a great Christmas.

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