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Is your home at risk for termites?

Do you have flood and fire insurance for your home?  Most people do, because the damages they cause could be catastrophic.  Do you have a termite contract on your home?  Just because you can't see them, and they're awfully slow, doesn't mean you should ignore them. 

According to FEMA, in the last ten years, Americans had 17 Billion dollars worth of damages annually due to flooding.  In 2019, Americans had 14.8 Billion dollars worth of damages due to fire.

Can you guess what termite damages cost Americans annually?  Almost both fire and flooding combined.  In 2019, Americans had 30 Billion dollars worth of damages due to termites.  There is no Federal agency that keeps track of this, like there is with fire and floods, so the States count on pest control companies reporting to the Department of Agriculture, which oversees pest control.  This means that the cost of repairing damage due to termites could be even higher. 

Now do you want to contact a pest control company regarding covering your home for termites?  Whether you contract with us, or another company, please read the paperwork thoroughly.  Some companies will charge you less, (and believe me, termite contracts are expensive), but they will only cover retreating the property if termite damage is found.  So who gets stuck replacing the walls, or window sills?  You, the owner.  Make sure the contract says it covers Repairs and Retreatment. 

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